4 de agosto de 2010

En ruta: Eslovaquia & Polonia

En ruta: Eslovaquia & Polonia

Cuando estéis viendo esto estaremos en ruta camino de Eslovaquia, de su capital: Bratislava. Como podéis ver el mapa está aún en blanco esperando iniciar la andadura. Lo único claro es que la ruta comenzará en Eslovaquia, en Bratislava; y que terminará en Polonia, en Cracovia. Por medio semana y media para recorrer ciudades barrocas, medievales...callejear, explorar... ¿Qué garitos encontraremos? Semana y media para perdernos por los bosques de coníferas, para ascender algunos de los picos de los Altos Tatras; para visitar los innumerables castillos que salpican el lugar...

Puesto que Eslovaquia y Polonia están dentro de la órbita de los vuelos low cost no es nada complicado llegar. De Madrid a Roma y de Roma a Bratislava en nuestro caso. Luego, allí estamos barajando alquilar un coche para movernos, aunque no debe ser complicado desplazarse en autobús o tren.

Puesto que, como podéis ver, todo está en el aire y lo único claro es el incio y fin del viaje. ¿Alguien nos aconseja qué visitar? ¿lo qué no nos podemos perder?

Os paso un enlace por si alguíen quiere profundizar.

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Anónimo dijo...


We met in Krivan (Tatra).
You can see the pictures about Krivan here:

BR: József

Edu dijo...

How are you? How the return to Hungary?
We are now in Brussels
When we get home I'm going to upload the pictures too.
Awesome photos!!!! Good photograper

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks! We are very fine. Julia, who knows the Spanish language, will go to Greece for 2 weeks. And I was on a free swimming race on a Hungarian river (Körös). It was a very good race. The water was clean and the surface of water was even (no waves!). I swam the path (2800m) two times. My compeer swam it three times, and my other compeer was the winner (32 minutes). You can see some pictures about it:
I think I will go on this race in next year too.

At Aug. 28 we want to go to Balaton lake. There will be a biggest Hungarian swimming party. We will swim cross the lake (5200m). I hope we can do it, and the weather must be good. Here is the web-page about the swimming.
(See the videos about the previous swimmings!)

And I hope we can go to the Tatra too on this weekend. I planned it an very long time, that we must see the "Way Of Eagles" in Polish Tatra. This is a high way on a long ridge.
You can see some pictures and some videos about the "Way of Eagles" here (with help of google):

So. We returned not too easy to Hungary, because we were tired (especially me). Before the day of tour I were on also a swimming race (2500m), and I made a big bike-tour (165km) too on same day. So I was awfully tired. And I made almost an traffic accident. But luckily it happened nothing, and we arrived without any problem to home.


I hope you are OK! What did it happen with you in Slovak Republic? And what did you do in Brussels?

BR: József


Muchísima suerte y que disfrutéis muchísimo.

Os vamos siguiendo por twitter y facebook.

Abrazos y buen viaje¡¡

A Salto De Mata

Edu dijo...

József, you are a titan (very strong). If you like ride on bycicle I think the next is the triatlon.
I have seen the pictures of "way of eagles", it looks dificult but very nice, with "atmosphere". When you come back from this route, I would like see some photos. Good luck with it.
In Slovak, when we say goodbye to you, we went to "Slovansky Raj", It´s another natural parc, with forests, and a lot of canyons. The scenary was amazing, but it started to rain, and we had to run towards the car.
After this, we saw some villages, like Trecin, Trnava, Levoca,....
When we left Slovakia, we went to Poland, Krakow. And later, we took a plane to Brussels. This cities are very nice too.
The following days I´m going to upload some photos and a account of the journey. You can translate it with google translate.
See you, regards

Edu dijo...

Miguel, recien acabo de llegar del viaje por Eslovaquia, ha estado muy bien. Iré colgaldo algunass cosillas, para ver si os entra el gusanillo y marcháis para allá, y os sirve de ayuda. Abrazos!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Edu!

Certainly I am not a Titan. I am only an amateur sport fan.
Here are the Titans:

The brother of my friend has absolved the Hungarian Iron Man race at last weekend. It's wonderful. I rank high this big performance.

At moment I do training for the Marathon. I hope I can absolve it in November on the "Friendship-Marathon". It is a cheap race, but there will be not so many people there. A good thing also, that it will be not a hot weather (approx: 5-10 Celsius). I hate the warmth during running.

We were also many time in "Slovansky Raj". Do you know, that the name means: "Slovak Paradise"?
Here are some pictures about our last visiting of Slovak Paradise:

Please inform me and Julia, when do you load up the pictures about Slovak Republic.

BR: József

Edu dijo...

Train, train, ... It's the way.